Dedicated to bringing you the BEST Havapoo puppies around!

Dedicated to bringing you the BEST Havapoo puppies around!

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havapoo puppy poovanese havanese poodle toy poodle river view puppies puppies for sale iowa puppies

 Welcome, Havapoo fanciers, fellow doggies and even friendly felines. At the top of the page you'll find links for navigating to various pages on our site. We hope you find our information page helpful when deciding to adopt a puppy from us before you fill out an application. However, if there are additional questions or would rather speak to me over the phone, I am always here as a reference as well. Contact Nathan @ There are many inquiries about our Havapoo puppies everyday so be sure to email us on availability if you are interested in adopting with us. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay! We look forward to hearing from you!​   

NEWS 5/15/2020

Hello all! If you've read the note at the very top of the page, you'll see a message regarding COVID-19. Just like everyone else in the world, we are taking this crisis day by day. And while some of you may have found out shipping via airlines for a puppy has been suspended for the time being, we are now hearing American Airlines is beginning to open their live animal shipments. We believe United and others should then be following them soon after as well.

Now before everyone freaks out and think we won't have any more puppies during this time, that is quite the contrary as currently we are tentatively planning 3 Summer litters from June through July with another 4th looking into August possibly. If everything goes according to plan then, we are expecting to begin our selection process for those on our list starting in July with puppies then ready for their homes potentially in August and September accordingly. 

One thing to note especially during this busy time is the amount of emails and phone calls that have flooded our inbox and voicemail. And while we'd love to have puppies for everyone who inquires, currently our wait list is completely full for the 3 Summer litters. Now this doesn't mean things can't change. Even though our list is full for those 3 litters, we still have a 4th in line as well. However, we want to make sure everyone who is on the list currently is guaranteed a puppy before we take any other deposits and applications. On the other hand, there may be some puppies still available from the 4th litter. And if you are indeed committed and willing to wait for a puppy from us specifically (whether there are some available from this 4 litter or not), we'd still enjoy having you aboard our list even though there may not be puppies available for you again until early next year. 

If you'd rather wait to see what happens with the 3 Summer litters before placing a deposit and application to be on our list, we'd be happy to speak with you in July or August while our selection process would potentially be ongoing. It is at this point we'd have better information on the status of others already waiting and/or reserving a puppy from us and we would again be taking deposits and applications for this litter and future litters once more.

Overall, we appreciate the patience you've all had with us in response to your many inquiries and questions via email and phone calls. Since the time this crisis took place, we've experienced a very high influx of folks inquiring about our puppies. So while responding has been time consuming and busy, we appreciate again the patience in responding to each and everyone who has graciously reached out to us in regards to a puppy adoption. You all are wonderful!

We can't wait for the Summer litters to be posted here for everyone to see and experience!

Stay safe in the meantime.


River View Puppies

Furever Friends

 In the meantime, enjoy pictures of our puppies now living in their respective homes on the "Adopted" page. These pictures have been sent to us from our "puppy families" from all over the country and as you can see all are living happily! Seeing the result of a puppy who we have spent much time caring for here, now living in their new homes, is something we find very rewarding and special. Thank you to all who have participated in sending these pictures and updates!